Pay the Tax!

…it was a very long drink!

We checked into the hostel and were pleased to see it was as welcoming, homely and friendly as it was three years ago when we were last there.

However, this time they also had a Rodrigo. A loud gregarious Brazillian who instantly welcomed us into the group and poured us a drink. A good start.

After being intoduced to the group – another Brit, Germans, an Israeli, some Danes, Argentinians, Americans , a mad Frenchman that had just cycled down from Buenos Aires after losing a bet, a group from Trinidad & Tobago and a nice French speaking Spanish girl form Texas, living in Brazil. Quite a melting pot of people at the end of the world; this would be interesting we thought…

Before we’d sat down, Rodrigo mentioned that everyone had to ‘pay a tax’ as you arrived at the hostel. We thought he worked there but it turned out he was a guest too and had never even been in a hostel until the night before! He’d actually planned to stay in a hotel until he’d chatted to some people on the bus and came there with them. He was a brilliant character, full of life and ultra friendly; a true Brazillian.

Anyway, his ‘tax’ was a shot of Brazillian cachaca – a warm smooth blend drank on its own rather than the rough version usually mixed with lime in Caiprinia cocktails. The best tax we’ve ever paid!

Obviously it would have been rude not to buy a drink in return and we guess it was from here that it must have gone downhill…

Suffice to say we staggered to bed at some time past 3am, having had conversations about the political state of Myanmar, tips for travelling in India, travelling in South America, the hippie trail of the US and the archaeological theories of Easter Island or, as the archaeologist technically put it, ‘the big stone heads’ – we hope he was dumming it down for our benefit!

All this rounded off with a couple of hours of singing random Brazillian and Western pop tunes with a guitar that Rodrigo produced from somewhere…it was an interesting and surreal evening to say the least.

A good starter for 10.

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