A Man Walks in to a Bar…The Man from Montenegro

Understandably, the next day concentration was an issue so we amused ourselves by pottering around the town breathing the fresh mountain/sea air and er, just pottered really.

In the afternoon we hung out in the hostel and re-introduced ourselves to the guys we’d met the previous night as there’s always that awkward time with new people and drink where you know everything about them but cant remember their name! Or is that just us…?!

So, when you’re sat with new friends chatting, the civilised thing to do is have a glass of wine…and so it began again…we can highly recommend the Chilian Malbec by the way.

The evening rolled on and most people looked to cook dinner at about 10pm – we all cook our own food over here and eat so late because thats what the locals do – and its still light outside!

After dinner we all retired to the drawing room (i.e. sofa) and quaffed more wine (J+A you’d be proud!). There was more singing, joke telling, discussing national anthems, customs and food (who says you dont learn anything in hostels!) along with the usual banter and mick taking and paying more ‘taxes’. Then the guitar came out again…

…and a man walked into the bar. Or technically speaking, two men – but that’s not as funny.

Rodrigo pounced on them with his by now, well practised welcome routine of “Hola! You pay the tax? You drink a little cachaca and play or sing a song eh? Where are you from? Please sit down…welcome, hey!…what is your name…?” Nothing like one question at a time.

The two men sat down and one of them, without hesitating downed the cachaca, picked up the guitar and started singing. That was one hell of an entrance!

Our new friend looked like an old sailor. It turned out he was.

He didnt look South American. He wasnt.

As he said: “I’m from Montenegro and I’ve just sailed in from Antarctica”.

No sorry, that was an entrance.

The room was silent and in awe, captivated by the enigmatic guests.

It turned out the guitar player was the ship’s Chief Engineer and his quiet, reserved companion was the Captain! That would be why he was drinking coke yet the captain was drinking beer then – it just goes shows who needs to keep a clear head!

For the next hour or so we were entertained with several songs in Russian, German, English, Spanish and even one in pseudo-Chinese, all played by this sailor and all relating tales of a broken heart. Clieched it may be, but magical all the same and probably one of the most special/surreal hostel experiences many of us have had.

When they left, they had photos with all of us and bought some wine for the group and apologised that they had to leave so soon but they were sailing to the Falkland Islands at 5am. Of course they were!

They said they only came in and joined us because they wanted a drink and heard the music. The skeptics amongst us thought it was more likely because the strip club down the road was closed! Whatever the reason was, we were glad to have been in the right place at the right time to listen to The Man from Montenegro.

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