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Friday, April 17th, 2009

Hi All

We are currently in Vegas ticking off Continent number 7 but in the meantime we have posted our entry for NZ below and Oz and Africa will follow shortly…

Sorry if you’ve had nothing to read in your lunch hour for a few weeks!¬† ūüôā


Our apologies for no updates but we had some very sad news

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Firstly, can we apologise for not posting any updates sooner, but we were having too good a time in Australia to sit and type for too long.

Secondly, can we apologise to any friends that we havent managed to tell¬†personally about¬†our bad news but we’ve lost track of who’s reading this.

Unfortunately as we landed in Bangkok, we were asked to contact the ground staff where sadly we found out that Evie’s mam had suddenly passed away.¬† We got the next¬†available flight home the next day.

The funeral was yesterday, which quite fittingly was Brenda’s birthday and it was a lovely service followed by a burial in our town cemetery.¬† She’s now resting on the hillside overlooking the town and looking down on our home keeping an eye on things.¬†¬†Evie¬ís Eulogy is¬†linked at the bottom¬†if anyone wishes to read it.

Many thanks to all those that have passed on their wishes, it’s meant a lot to us both and given us the strength to get through these past couple of weeks.¬†

Despite being devastated, we will be finishing the last¬†stages of the trip as Evie’s mam was following it full of excitement and pride¬†and would not have wanted us to stop on her account, so watch this space!

In memory of mam, Brenda Hague

23rd March 1935 –¬†6th March 2009

Evies Mam

Evie’s Eulogy


Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Hi All!

We’ve been really busy but have just completed our HUGE update on Antarctica below and will follow with Easter Island soon…

 We are just starting our road trip in NZ so watch this space!

We will also update photos shortly…